Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KeyPass 4.9.15


KeyPass torrent

KeyPass makes it easy for you to store all your confidential data such as passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers etc. in an encrypted database. The bookmarks and passwords are encrypted using 448-bit blowfish algorithm and a master password is required to unlock the information; base ; the data.


Features: Database is encrypted using 448-bit blowfish algorithm. Types your password for you into any application. Supports free-text search on database. Supports auto-locking for increased security. Internet Explorer favorites or Netscape bookmarks can be directly imported into database. Database can be directly exported to Netscape bookmark file. Administrator can defined "read-only" password for database access. Read-only database can be automatically updated from a network drive

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Security|Password Managers & Generators
Developer: DobySoft

ExcelFile (formerly MS Excel viewer) 2.2 Build 267 64-Bit Download Torrent

ExcelFile (formerly MS Excel viewer)

ExcelFile (formerly MS Excel viewer) torrent

ExcelFile allow to read / open the MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 or QuattroPro files on any computer. Applications do not use any external libraries (no MS Excel / Office, no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup / install. You can view the data contents from any sheet in xls and detect internal (system) information about stored BIFF zapisóww complete XLS file. All file formats XLS / xlw, WQ / WKQ and WK/WR/123 supported (in this version of the Far East and the Middle East). You can also extract the full source to be kept VBA scripting, see the internal structure of the parent, see the VBA project properties, save the files are extracted (and graphs), and many others. Supported formats plikówz Microsoft Excel 12/2007 file in Microsoft Excel 97 (* XLSX, xlsm, * XLSTX, * XLTM, * XLAX, * xlam, * XLSXB, * XLTB, * XLAB ...... ...) - (*. xlw) (*. xlw) 2000 5.0/95 (*. xls) workbook in Microsoft Excel 7.0/95 (*. xlw) Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook 4.0 Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel 4.0 sheet (*. xls), Microsoft Excel Worksheet 3.0 (*. xls), Microsoft Excel Worksheet 2.0 (*. xls), Microsoft Excel Worksheet 2.0 Far East (*. xls), Microsoft Excel Template (*. XLT) Microsoft Excel Add-In (*. XLA) Lotus Symphony 1 -2-3 and a spreadsheet (*. wk1, *. WK2, *. WK3, *. wk4, *. WR1, * .123) Quattro Pro spreadsheet (* . WQ1, *. WQ2, *. WKQ, *. WB3, *. QPW)



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Size: 811 MB
Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: Scalabium Software

Sunday, December 29, 2013

MIDI Converter Studio 8.0 Build 65 Download Torrent

MIDI Converter Studio

MIDI Converter Studio torrent

MIDI Converter Studio is a handy software utility that converts MIDI files to WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA formats. Users can simply drag and drop a MIDI file from Windows Explorer, andthe rest is done automatically. The device is brainlessly simple, yet packed with enough options to please the most demanding anything in music professionals. MIDI Converter Studio can be used for all formats of common file MIDI (MIDI 0, MIDI 1, Karaoke MIDI, Riff MIDI 0, MIDI Riff 1) as the source. Convert MIDI files, there is an opportunity to change the bit rate, frequency and Mono settings / stereo if necessary. In addition, you can put tags inside the newly converted file, if that's what you want. program comes with a built-in player, so converted tracks can be played after the conversion has been completed. In addition, John's group program option to change and ability to simultaneously convert multiple MIDI files at the same time. MIDI Converter Studio is perfect for international musicians who compose MIDI tracks Amateur and need a simple, affordable tool to convert MIDI FILES phase of normal structures such as WAV or MP3.


Features: An easy-to-use Windows XP interface MIDI to WAV converter MIDI to MP3 converter MIDI to WMA converter MIDI to OGG converter MIDI to OGG converter Support for MIDI 0, MIDI 1, Karaoke MIDI, RIFF MIDI 0, RIFF MIDI 1 A full support of ID3 MP3 tags

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Size: 13 MB
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Convertors
Developer: ManiacTools

AlbumPlayer 5.3e (x64 x86) by 33qwea33 Download Torrent


AlbumPlayer torrent

AlbumPlayer is a complex software which allows users to easily play and organize your albums. Playing is done by just browsing through your??'s Covers. Manage playlists by drag and drop albums or tracks. The covers can be ordered from any kind of attributes but custom collections are possible too. Albums are added by searching on the disk or wizard, the song titles and covers automatically grabbed from the internet. Equalizer app includes applications and replay obtain values ​​for normalization. ASIO support and touch screen.


Features: The Interface: Browse your albums by categories like Artist, Genre, Composer, etc. Create your own custom collections like 'My favourites'. Get a clear overview of your music by having the album covers right at hand on a clean interface. The Booklet: Tired of endless track lists? Want more visuals and easy navigation? Good! The AlbumPlayer offers a nice booklet, where all information comes together on four different pages. Playback: You can now rate currently playing tracks/albums with just two clicks and you can ban annoying tracks - you will never hear them again until you unban or play them intentionally. ASIO mode: The AlbumPlayer supports ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output), which is a soundcard driver protocol for digital audio, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface to the soundcard, bypassing the Windows mixer and drivers. Touchscreen mode: From bigger buttons via reversible item selection to an integrated onscreen keyboard - the touch mode offers the best interface and behaviour to give your mouse a break while selecting music Collection Editor: The Collection Editor is the core of your AlbumPlayer, it provides access to your database. AlbumPlayer enables you to listen to the CD in your CD-Rom drive, but now you can even rip the entire CD and import it to your database. AP now also supports custom web radio stations.

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Size: 14 MB
Category: Authoring tools|Digital Album
Developer: Albumon

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver 3.999 by rafay123 Download Torrent

Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver

Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver torrent

Screen Watery Desktop 3D Screensaverfloods, you'll see how everything on your desktop will sink into water. It also 'An animated wallpaper which will animate your desktop wallpaper with water effects, such as waves and rain. Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver is a program that addlife wallpaper on your desktop!



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Size: 812 MB
Category: Desktop Enhancements|Themes
Developer: PUSH Entertainment

Xilisoft MP4 Converter 6.8.0 Build 1101 FastDL Download Torrent

Xilisoft MP4 Converter

Xilisoft MP4 Converter torrent

Xilisoft MP4 Converter is a powerful and efficient tool to quickly convert between different video file formats. It is capable of converting popular video files such as AVI, MPEG, DivX, MOV, RM, WMV, 3GP, VOB, VCD, DV to MP4 (MPEG4), Xvid, and convert audio files to MP3, AAC, M4A easily and fast, with excellent quality.


Features: Supports ATI Stream encoding technology Added Italy language interface. Makes the built-in player resizable (Switch the zoom mode between 4:3 and 16:9) Supports CD decoding Offers the function of power management Added video profiles supported by the newest iPhone 4 Key features: Support H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC encoding/decoding, APE and CUE decoding, audio CD ripping; Zoom and split functions were added; Support many potable media player (MP4 player) such as WideScreen iPhone, iPod, Archos AV500, Archos AV700, Archos Gmini402, iriver PMP-100, Creative Zen Vision etc.; Supports converting to Apple TV h264 & Apple TV MPEG-4, helps you enjoy videos on TV comfortably; It can auto-detects your CPU, so the ripping will be done at the best ripping speed, beyond your imagination; 6.It offers multithreading and batch conversion. In addition to the many default setting, it offers many options to customize settings to your personal preference. The software integrates with all video/audio encoders/codec, users can convert all supported formats once download the program. Output file size is adjustable. You can compress movies to any size you need. It Supports preview. Users can choose to preview the input files before converting your files etc. Provide both general and advanced settings, such as customizing output file size with video bit rate obtained accordingly; Support setting divers output profiles for one video source at the same time; Support run in background for more efficiency

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Size: 52 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Developer: Xilisoft Inc

Xilisoft AVI MPEG Converter 6.8.0 Build 1101 (vadimmaxi) Download Torrent

Xilisoft AVI MPEG Converter

Xilisoft AVI MPEG Converter torrent

AVI MPEG Converter is a powerful conversion software MPEG to AVI, which helps you convert AVI to MPEG, MPEG to AVI, DivX to MPEG and many others. You can use video and audio encoder to adjust the output parameters that help to the quality you want. In addition, AVI to MPEG Converter provides a powerful way to convert MPEG to AVI files. Xilisoft AVI MPEG Converter supports multithreading and batch conversion, you can convert multiple files simultaneously.


Features: Convert AVI to MPEG, MPEG to AVI, DIVX to MPEG. Convert between video formats including AVI, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4; Support batch conversion; Support multithreading, you can convert multiple files at the same time; During conversion, you can pause, stop and continue at any moment; You can use the default settings or set parameters of the video and audio codec by yourself; Support preview, users can preview the input files before conversion; You can use the default settings or set parameters of the video and audio codec by yourself. Xilisoft AVI MPEG Converter is so easy to use that only a few clicks are enough. With fast converting speed and perfect output quality, you can joyfully enjoy it. We highly recommend this program because we think it will make your multi-media life a lot easier and more enjoyable. And with our prompt and effectual One Business Day Email Service, you can be unhesitating to let us know if you have any questions about us and our products.

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Size: 53 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Developer: Xilisoft Inc

ABSYNTH 5.1.0 R1013 by vadim392 Download Torrent


ABSYNTH torrent

A legend in his own time, Absynth back into the guise of a more powerful, creative and intuitive than ever before. Famous for its organic, evolving soundscapes that range from sublime pads to complex sonic textures, ABSYNTHcontinues to build an incredible reputation. The addition of new features combined with an optimized workflow and user interface to provide flow and simplicity to the creation of complex and interesting sound. This unique blend of inimitable effects with multiple synthesis and sampling techniques is the defining element of sound Absynth, now more than ever. The signal power is much more flexible and a revolutionary wave morphing feature has been added. Both the master and the impact of the concept of modules has been improved. All these improvements further sweeten Absynth has its own sonic flavor. ABSYNTHcomes comes with Kore-configured sounds 1200 includes a variety of styles and sounds. From strange soundscapes and organic leads to liquid pads - that's all there. The Kore Sound Browser makes using the sounds fast and easy: Search and filter functions let you find presets according to the characteristics and specific properties? approach really intuitive and music.


Features: Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of sonic possibilities Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques Greatly improved user-interface and enhanced workflow KoreSound Browser for easy searchinh of 1,200 KORE-configured presets ABSYNTH 4 uses the KoreSound format, macro controls automatically map onto KORE control elements Wave morphing feature and powerful effects greatly extend ABSYNTH 4's sonic range New master ADSR section and 16 freely-assignable macro controls for quick and easy control of the sound Flexible 68-breakpoint envelopes with templates and envelope step equencer Sophisticated surround sound function per channel Live stereo input for each channel and new audio modulator section allow ABSYNTH to be used as a fully-featured effect unit

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Size: 812 MB
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Mixers/Synthesizers
Developer: Native Instruments

Friday, December 27, 2013

Yahoo! Messenger (Windows XP/7/8) Download Torrent

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger torrent

Yahoo! Messenger - Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they `re sent. When downloading an application Yahoo! Messenger to your computer, you can send instant messages to other people from around the globe, send them files or have a voice conference. Other features include voice chat, file transfer, mail and stock quote alerts, sports scores, news and more.


Features: Photo Sharing: Drag-and-drop photos into your IM windows and talk about them like you're there. LAUNCHcast Radio: Make your own radio station and listen to music you like! Yahoo! Games: Challenge your friends to classic Yahoo! Games in the IM window. IMVironments: Use interactive themed backgrounds in your IMs. Find, Add, Share Friends: Easily get connected with the people who matter most. Yahoo! Search: Search from your IM window, and get results both you and your friend can see. File Transfer: Drag-and-drop files for real-time sharing and instant notification that they've been received. Address Book: Synchronize all your contact information. Stealth Settings: Make yourself appear online to some and offline to others. Audibles: Let these animated characters say it out loud for you! Emoticons: Express your feelings with these animated smiling faces. Yahoo! Avatars: Represent yourself with a stylized graphical image. Display Images: Select an image to represent yourself to your friends. Skins: Select new visual designs or disable them altogether. Voice: Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls and enjoy great sound quality and voice mail. Take Yahoo! with You: Stay connected to Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone. Webcam: Share live video with friends and family around the world. Conference: Exchange text messages with multiple people in one IM.

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Size: 14 MB
Category: Internet|Chat|Instant Messaging
Developer: Yahoo

Standard Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 1.7.2 Download Torrent

Standard Codecs for Windows 7 and 8

Standard Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 torrent

Standard Codec for Windows 7 and 8 will offer you the opportunity to view the film you want, no need to download any extra codecs format. The following file types are enabled, and supports the installation of Windows 8: AMR | MPC | tissues | DivX | mka | ape | flac | evo | flv | m4b | mkv | ogg | OGV | ogm | rmvb | xvid All of the above file types can prompt Windows Media Player playlists with the right mouse button.


Features: Full color thumbnails including FLV's and 10bit MKV's (also allows users to select at what point by percentage to grab the thumbnail) Enable the Preview Pane for ALL newly enabled filetypes such as MKV and FLV. Explorer properties are displayed for non native filetypes such as MKV and FLV Updated often - and has update notification builtin Allow use of the PDVD12 decoders for 32bit LiveTV Supports the use of Xbox360 as Extenders to playback MKV files Allows singleclick setup of Bitstreamed Audio Support playback of MOD audio files and M4A files containing ALAC Supports playlist creation for use in Media Center Allow users to Enable/Disable codecs installed on their system Funtionality such as Win7DSFilterTweaker builtin. Support 'Add to Windows Media Player List' using rightclick on all files such as MKV.

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Codec Packs/ Video Codecs
Developer: Shark007

Thursday, December 26, 2013

G DATA InternetSecurity 2014 PSiG Download Torrent

G DATA InternetSecurity 2014

G DATA InternetSecurity 2014 torrent

G DATA Internet Security is a suite of applications to work together to provide you with the best protection for your computer number, now. Security features include antivirus, firewall, antispam filtering and child protection.In addition to the award-winning virus detection rates, G Data Internet Security has a new idle scan feature which scans the system when it is idle to use the system? S User efficiently.Cloud based analysis of suspicious files, plot silence firewall give your system an effective all-round defense against viruses, worms, spam and hacking e - without loss of performance, and no tedious queries.


Features: DoubleScan: best, award-winning virus detection OutbreakShield: Immediate protection against new viruses New Heuristics detects even more unknown viruses Improved protection vfrom viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, Trojans, backdoors, and more. Virus blockers for e-mails and instant messaging Award-winning protection against attacks New optimization for games: Switches automatically to Autopilot for transparent firewall protection Easier to use, thanks to new rules Four levels of security, or expert mode Expanded by language blocker: detects and blocks ten different e-mail languages as desired Individual user profiles, blocks offensive contents and more Keywort-Filter for full text search (extensible) Trace eraser and data shredder Blocks banners, pop-ups, Flash, Java / VB script, etc.

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Size: 211 MB
Category: Antivirus
Developer: G DATA Software AG

iMesh x64 Download Torrent


iMesh torrent

iMesh is a program peer-to-peer file sharing that lets you find, download, share and publish audio and video, computer games, images, photos and any document in a growing community of millions of people. You will be able to access files from other users of iMesh. Files can be transferred directly from one office to another without a server. Its technology enables you to download files from multiple users simultaneously. iMesh also supports an advanced resume feature that ensures the automatic completion of all your requested downloads.


Features: Well-organized library Connect iPods and MP3 players Change color schemes iMesh DJ automatically creates playlists Meet new people and share music Handles HD videos Advanced search for all types of media files (audio, video, games, software, photos and more) Multi-lingual support Very fast downloads from multiple users simultaneously Automatic resume feature that assures the completion of all your requested downloads Ability to access and view your friends' shared files A Media Player with play lists and full-screen preview mode Enhanced Media Manager ideally designed for organizing all your PC's media files Links to your favorite songs, lyrics, movies, radio stations, CD covers and weekly featured artists. Advanced media filter that prevents access to offensive files and viruses. Ability to chat with your friends while downloading. The most friendly and intuitive user interface. Bandwidth control

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Internet|File Sharing
Developer: iMesh

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DataPilot 7.1.3 Download Torrent


DataPilot torrent

PivotChart is a powerful application that allows you to synchronize your data with? Our phone to a computer database. With this software you can? Can easily transfer music, ringtones and video files to your phone. Mo? Can manage their contact information and to access the Internet and check e-mail while on the go, their cell phone with ring tones and images and stay in sync with their appointments in Outlook or Outlook Express. It supports? States you? Than 400 different cases? Cup on the market?, And? There, including the most popular.


Features: Phonebook Manager: Import/Export contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop software Back up your cell phone address book in case you lose, break, damage or change your handset Select all or chose specific contacts you need to update in your cell phone Add & edit your cell phone contacts using your computer’s keyboard Simple column management allows you to select the field you want to manage Prioritize your contacts in any order your prefer by simply clicking the re-number feature Calendar: Import/Export your calendar from Outlook to your cell phone Create and modify your own schedule by adding, editing, or deleting appointments Mark your holidays and weekends in your calendar for ease of planning Set alarm feature to remind you of important appointments in your cell phone Ringtone Composer: Upload ringtones from your PC to your cell phone Import/export ringtones in various formats including MP3, MIDI, and RTTL Conveniently add and edit tracks and MIDI files Personalize your incoming calls with your favorite sounds Image Editor: Download your favorite pictures & movies from your cell phone to PC and email them to your friends and family Transfer wallpapers from your computer to your cell phone Set any picture as a wallpaper Use the editing tools to customize your wallpapers and pictures SMS Manager: Back up your SMS messages on your computer Send SMS messages to anyone in your cell phone address book and Outlook contacts Edit your SMS from using your computer’s keyboard

Good 6Bad3

Size: 52 MB
Category: Internet|Telephony / SMS & GSM
Developer: Susteen