Sunday, December 29, 2013

AlbumPlayer 5.3e (x64 x86) by 33qwea33 Download Torrent


AlbumPlayer torrent

AlbumPlayer is a complex software which allows users to easily play and organize your albums. Playing is done by just browsing through your??'s Covers. Manage playlists by drag and drop albums or tracks. The covers can be ordered from any kind of attributes but custom collections are possible too. Albums are added by searching on the disk or wizard, the song titles and covers automatically grabbed from the internet. Equalizer app includes applications and replay obtain values ​​for normalization. ASIO support and touch screen.


Features: The Interface: Browse your albums by categories like Artist, Genre, Composer, etc. Create your own custom collections like 'My favourites'. Get a clear overview of your music by having the album covers right at hand on a clean interface. The Booklet: Tired of endless track lists? Want more visuals and easy navigation? Good! The AlbumPlayer offers a nice booklet, where all information comes together on four different pages. Playback: You can now rate currently playing tracks/albums with just two clicks and you can ban annoying tracks - you will never hear them again until you unban or play them intentionally. ASIO mode: The AlbumPlayer supports ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output), which is a soundcard driver protocol for digital audio, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface to the soundcard, bypassing the Windows mixer and drivers. Touchscreen mode: From bigger buttons via reversible item selection to an integrated onscreen keyboard - the touch mode offers the best interface and behaviour to give your mouse a break while selecting music Collection Editor: The Collection Editor is the core of your AlbumPlayer, it provides access to your database. AlbumPlayer enables you to listen to the CD in your CD-Rom drive, but now you can even rip the entire CD and import it to your database. AP now also supports custom web radio stations.

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Size: 14 MB
Category: Authoring tools|Digital Album
Developer: Albumon

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