Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Protected Folder 1.2 Download Torrent

Protected Folder

Protected Folder torrent

Secure Folder is a professional applicationcreated password to protect the data. It works like a safety deposit box, just drag and drop the folders or files you want to hide or protect a safe location, you can not see read or modify them. If privacy, data theft, data loss, or data leaks, Protected Folder is the perfect tool for you .


Features: Extremely Easy to Use: Just drag and drop the file to Protected Folder to protect it. Its intuitive interface makes it the ideal utility for complete computer novice. Hide from View: Hide folders, files, pictures & videos from those who want to investigate and search for certain files on your computer. No one can see them except you. Block Access: Easily block access to files, folders, and programs you choose. You can password protect folder and its files then others can see it but cannot access, read or view its content. Write Protection Protect your files from being modified by others. No one can change the content of your files without your permission. Lock your file and folder to be unchangeable. Privacy Protection Keep your private data, files, pictures or videos into Protected Folder, the only way to access these files is with your password. No more Data theft, Data loss, or Data leaks Lock your important files or folders from being accidentally deleted, replaced, or stolen by others. Safe and Secure Protected Folder is safe and secure, without any virus, adware, and spyware.

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Security|Encrypting
Developer: IObit

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