Saturday, March 1, 2014

WM Capture 6.2.2 [32 Bit] Download Torrent

WM Capture

WM Capture torrent

WM Capture is an easy-to-use and efficient application, the recording of the video being played screen.Make super-high quality videos from any online WM Capture source. WM Capture uses a unique high-speed technology has created a near perfect reproduction of what you see on screen, playable as a Windows Media Video files. Sign WM Capture video from ANY Web site, regardless of format. Even DVDs to play on your computer. If you watch you can save. WM Capture does not circumvent DRM (Digital Rights Management) or any copy protection technology so 100% legal worldwide. In addition to the WM to fix a high-speed technology takes, the program includes its own MPEG-2 codec is even more outstanding picture quality. Other screen capture programs can not process video data fast enough to make acceptable videos. WM fix special design uses the most advanced high-speed video technology and the results are stunning. Méga toughest video types like full motion sports play back perfectly. The first time you run WM Capture, you need to ensure you can record audio and video properly. WM Capture will do its best to figure out what should be in the sound settings, but you can overwrite it if you want. If the audio source and input is selected, click Test to ensure you can record audio. After a few seconds, if the test is successful, click OK to save the audio settings. If the sound parameters, you can focus on recording videos. First, be identified in the region to secure the screen to record videos and then you can start lear llítani or pause the recording. When you have finished recording, you can see the most recently recorded videos by clicking Play.


Features: Auto video detection WM Capture can detect motion videos and automatically mark the recording screen area. Begin playing your video then click Get Video. The video window is automatically marked and recorded. If the marked area is not what you want click Retry to run the detection again. Note that static images cannot be automatically detected: Improved video quality Improved motion fluency and audio lip-sync for every supported video formats: Fixed pause issue Windows Media recordings can now be paused: Automatic theme change Windows theme can now be automatically changed to Windows 7 Basic or Vista Basic. The current theme is always restored when WM Capture closes: User Interface improvements, bugs fix Added “Keep Alive” feature to prevent computer from going to sleep while recording, new window area marking methods, fixed Scheduler corrupted files, fixed Universal Audio Driver issues and more

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Size: 14 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Recording
Developer: Applian Technologies Inc.

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